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Sightseeing Places in Corbett

Places to Visit Corbett

Here you will find list of all the Corbett National Park sightseeing options which you must visit and plan your itinerary accordingly. These places are secret hideouts where you can rejuvenate yourself. If you are planning a week long vacation in Corbett National Park, do visit these awesome places.

Garjiya Devi Temple

One of the famous Shakti Shrine in Uttarakhand, Garjiya Devi Temple is the holy temple of Garjiya Devi, presiding deity of the temple.Legends belive that Garjiya Devi is the incarnation of Goddess Parwati, daughter of King of the Mountains Himalaya also known as Giriraj.

Corbett Museum

The Dhangarhi Museum is situated near Dhangarhi gate. It is one of the major attractions of the tourists. This museum is standing firm on the grounds since the man-eating tigers have been in existence.

Corbett Fall

Corbett Falls is a scenic water fall located at 25 kms from Ramnagar. Developed as a picnic spot for tourist, Corbett Water Falls is surrounded by dense teak wood forest which extends its natural beauty.

Hanuman Dham

Hanuman Dham is a Hindu temple which is located in Anjeel village Chhoi, adjacent to Ramnagar in district Nainital in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Activities You Can Do in Corbett

Adventure Activities Corbett

Jim Corbett National park is among one of the places that suit everyone. The thrilling experience of forest safari and other adventurous activities always fascinate tourists to this beautiful and serene place. Below are the few of the prime adventure activities that you can enjoy while on a trip to Jim Corbett National park.

Wall Climbing

Try wall climbing for the first time. Sample the vertical world and get a bird's eye view of life.

Wall Rappeling

It is a technical activity. Means to say descending on any rock with out any help. Rappelling is an integral part.


A zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on an incline.

Bungee Run

This is an interesting game where it requires strength and energy , hence appreciated by young adults

Commando Net

One of the very famous activity among army. Here is a wall of net almost 15 feet high which has to be climbed.

Water Roller

Site Instructed A large inflatable tube provides a dry atmosphere when inside. Try and walk on water like a hamster!

River Rafting

Recently starts thrilling Activity Experience you can Enjoy in Jim Corbett of River Rafting now on River Kosi.

Mountain Biking

One of the adventure sports in Jim Corbett is mountain biking. A special type of bike with special gears are used for mountain biking.


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